Interview : Kazeem Kuteyi, Photography : Kahlil Hernandez

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While we’re living in the era of Instagram bios reading slash this and slash that, Chief’s Instagram bio simply states – “Maintain the mystery”. From the research I’ve done, the general consensus is that Chief Bosompra’s quiet. And perhaps that’s why no one really knows what he does. But if you’re a creative or scenester living in Toronto, you’ve most likely been to one of his events. What makes Chief’s events unique is his attention to every small, minute detail. I was able to witness this firsthand when I attended an event he organized for Adidas’s EQT release. I noticed that the pink coloured drinks matched the shoes that were on display. Taking a look around, you can tell he has mastered the ability to blend a New York-esque downtown cool vibe to anything he touches. It’s why brands like Adidas, Nike, or Puma come calling when they’re looking to activate a release in Toronto.

So how did Chief get started? His finesse and business aptitude can be dated back to his high school and university years. He was the guy that served as a middle-man for iPod sales, and had his clothing brand, Bad Habits while he was in University. While he says he’s only just begun, we felt it was important for people to hear a conversation on his journey so far.

“They’ll never believe you’ll make it until you’ve made it.”