Interview : Kazeem Kuteyi, Photography : Kahlil Hernandez

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From our encounter with Shaine Crosbie, he isn’t the type of person to praise himself. Or think that he’s the coolest person on earth. But from afar and to anyone in the creative scene or fans of nightlife and music, it’s not a stretch to consider him one of the pillars that makes Toronto tick. His sets are aggressive and melodic. He puts you onto new music without losing your attention, and exudes an energy that sets the tone and vibes of any party he’s playing at. It’s the reason why he’s toured with PARTYNEXTDOOR, played alongside influential personalities like Virgil Abloh, the mastermind behind OFF-WHITE, and  Metro-Boomin.

For our conversation, we touch on a variety of topics. From how he broke into the industry, entrepreneurship and his new music project, FRISON that’s currently in development.

“If I don’t do what I say, I fail. It means that much more to me because this is a “do or die” situation. “