Interview: Kazeem Kuteyi, Photography: Nefertiti Hernandez, Kahlil Hernandez
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We sat down with Bobby Bowen, a Toronto-based stylist and creative director that has worked on projects for artists like Jazz Cartier, Roy Woods and Majid Jordan. In a world where anyone can be a stylist or creative director, Bobby has managed to stand out. In our conversation, we talk everything from his early beginnings, the meaning of style and his place in Toronto’s emerging creative scene.

“I was obsessed with magazines. I would always read them. I would look at the photos, read the credits and see who’s wearing what.”



“For me, it’s all about the emerging.”


“If you look at some of my work and you pay attention to certain things, I send messages. That’s what’s good about being a stylist.”


“Style is energy. It’s a persona. It’s a feeling. It’s confidence.”