Interview: Kazeem Kuteyi Photography: Kahlil Hernandez

Caroline SM in Toronto, August 2017.

Caroline SM has spent the past five years championing new and raw talent in the United Kingdom. From working for GRMDAILY, a platform that has become one of the premier digital platforms to discover new music in the U.K. to producing radio shows, she has risen the ranks to become an influential figure within the U.K. grime and hip-hop scenes.

For those unfamiliar, Caroline is the co-founder of NEW GEN, a platform that helps cultivate new artists. Since its inception, the imprint has produced a compilation album under XL Recordings, begun a radio show that airs on Radar Radio and has a new album in the works for 2018.

We met Caroline at XL Recordings’s office in West London. We spoke in length about her journey, the music business and her thoughts on how Toronto can catch up to the established underground music infrastructure in the U.K.

Samantha O’Connor and Caroline SM in conversation at a NEW GEN event in Toronto, August 2017.
In studio, August 2017.
Caroline SM in Toronto, August 2017.

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