Interview: Kazeem Kuteyi Photography: Joel Din

Born N Bread got their name from being “born and bred” in Peckham, a working class neighbourhood in south-east London, a major landing pad for Nigerian immigrants. The idea for their collective started a few years ago simply as a platform for friends to express their missing voice in the media between friends Adelaide Lawson, Stephanie Sesay, Olivia Udoyen, Abigail Jackson and Chika Wilson. And in 2015, the inspiring collective broke down how they were able to create a zine for The FADER.

Since then, Born N Bread has been doing everything—from regular event nights in London to a bi-weekly music and lifestyle show on NTS Radio, which is broadcast every Saturday—and have a standout performance on Boiler Room.

BORN N BREAD were kind enough to host New Currency on their show on NTS Radio earlier on January 27th. Listen back here.

From left to right: Stephanie, Adelaide, Chika and Abigail


“Mentally, you need to be prepared in life, especially as a black woman working in a creative field. That’s why family and friends are so important.”