Interview: Kazeem Kuteyi Photography: Joel Din

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Daniel Bailey is happy.

“I’m blessed I’m in this spot right now,” he says, speaking to us last year in Shoreditch district of downtown East London. And based on his track record, he certainly has reason to be.

As the founder of the hugely successful ConceptKicks platform, a footwear design website, ConceptKicksLab, the footwear design & development agency that has worked with brands like Under Armour, The North Face, and Supreme (yes, that Supreme), Mr. Bailey has notched significant wins in his young career, the kind of wins that many designers only ever aspire to achieve. While all this happens, he even runs a brand known as—what else?—Mr. Bailey, where his personal aspirations into footwear design are fully realized independent from any outside brand partners.

In this wide-ranging conversation, beginning from his roots growing up in an English military family, Daniel Bailey walks us through his upbringing, how his unique perspective and eye for detail managed to win him incredible opportunities, and he shares with us some of the most inspiring advice and observations he’s made while quietly building a robust empire.


“The best thing anyone can do is travel. No matter what field you’re in, you can apply creativity to that field. And there’s nothing better at stimulating that creativity than travel.”