Words By: Eric Zaworski Photography By: Joel Din

Did you know there’s an actual limit to the amount of footage you can put on a YouTube channel? Korean-American videographer Glen Han, a.k.a. Glenjamn, knows — he’s currently on his third channel.

When he’s not uploading behind-the-scenes footage of acts like Diplo, Justice and Gesaffelstein, he’s regularly posting snapshots of his insane, everywhere-at-once life on Instagram. And he’s been doing this, non-stop, for a decade.

When we met up in Place Vendôme, he was in the middle of running social media for the MAN/WOMAN buyer’s conference in the middle of Paris Fashion Week. It was a particularly cold January day in Paris, so he borrowed his buddy’s friend’s—an artist who goes by the name Brodinski—North Face jacket, Canon camcorder in tow. A DIY, get-shit-done specialist, Glen walked us through the entire showroom, which had well over 100 brands for Paris Fashion Week, and up the stairs. We later decided to go outside to the courtyard and have a conversation.

Listen to Glenjamn’s humble beginnings above documenting culture and shit his friends were doing the whole time in front of him, and how it got him on stage, shooting and working with some of the biggest artists and brands in the world.

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