Words by: Eric Zaworski Photography by: Joel Din

The London-based documentary filmmaker Nathan Miller has made an impressive professional debut. His first commission for The Ace Hotel—an opportunity he created for himself while working as a doorman for their Shoreditch location—gave him an instant hook towards documentaries, which lead him to look towards his hometown’s rap and grime music scene, culminating in the 46-minute film LDN. The project was so demanding of Nathan’s time, he quit all other work to complete it. It’s a culmination of months of interviewing, researching and shooting, with a who’s who of cameos, from Fredo, to Morgan Keyz, to J Hus. It quickly caught attention of the U.K. music world and Nathan’s name and work began to spread.

Last summer, he made several trips to Canada to film NORTHSIDEa shorter, more snapshot-style look at Toronto’s rap scene, with clips from Sean Leon, CMDWN and Jimmy Prime giving context to a regional sound that travels far, but perhaps brings less than ideal back for it. His subsequent premiere and online release of the project absolutely brought discussion, primarily around the observation that it took someone outside of Toronto to reflect the scene back at itself. The revelation brought out unexpected reactions, for some.

All the while, Nathan’s repertoire of abilities to make work capturing stories continued to grow. Now, the filmmaker is running CineClass, an online course designed to share the knowledge and insight he’s gained shooting some incredible work. While gearing up for the release of his course, he stopped by our Airbnb in East London to talk his path, when he decided to risk it and go for filmmaking and the things he’s learnt along the way.


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