Photography By: Maggie Stephenson Captions By: Samantha O’Connor

When we heard through the grapevine about Toronto photographer Maggie Stephenson‘s concept for New Monarchy—a photo series capturing the women helping to raise and grow Toronto’s creative community, some of which are good friends of New Currency—we had to meet her.

Not only has Maggie proven her ability to honestly and eloquently capture the front-row excitement of shows through her work covering our hometown’s music scene, she really stepped up with this incredible project in a way we were proud to showcase during International Women’s Day on our Instagram. While social media and webpages can’t ever replace the aesthetic of artwork hung, lit and presented within a gallery, we hope you take the time and consideration to view Maggie’s work below, a stoic, honest portrayal of some of the hardest people working to define our city’s cultural output.


New Monarchy

“I picked up concert photography a couple years ago, and as I became more immersed in the Toronto music scene one thing that’s always stood out to me is the number of incredibly talented women that are working tirelessly to propel our community forward.

With New Monarchy, which has been brewing in my mind for the better part of a year now, the goal has always been to bring some of these amazing women to the forefront for some well deserved recognition. While I know this group represents just a small fraction, I’m hoping it helps to continue to spread awareness that we’re out here and we’re working crazy hard, a lot of times together, to support and elevate the creative community in Toronto.”

– Maggie Stephenson



Dreyuh is a critical thinker and even more detailed doer. From the smallest specifics to the most seemingly impossible projects, there are no excuses for the city’s most unstoppable creative marketing genius who is fuelled solely by love for the culture.



Rockstars exist behind the camera as well. Vonny is a staple of the Toronto art scene and a refreshing and often vulnerable personality unafraid to capture the city in its raw form.



Tia’s role as an irreplaceable champion of the Toronto rap scene bleeds into everything she touches- whether it’s associated with her position at FACTOR Canada or through proactive rants often delivered in a face mask on IG stories.




Tabban lives a beautifully curated life surrounded by multifaceted art that she’s produced though passion and her positive perspective. We’re just lucky she’s generous enough to even share a glimpse of her vision.



Sara’s ascent in the world of film has been nothing short but inspiring. The always smiling producer has worked on videos for Daniel Caesar, Sonder and Sampha. These days, she is focused on creating amazing video projects while using her brilliance to uplift young creatives coming up.



Even to those close to her, Samo is hard to define. Is she an A&R? A music head? An entertainment and culture writer? The answer is: yes. As Samo would tell it, “press passes are her pearls.” This woman is all business, all the time. Our advice? When you’re around her, say less.



Sajae doesn’t just deliver comedy gold. She bottles her authentic charm and unapologetic charisma and delivers her whole self in culture-pushing forms – like podcasts and editorials – which have not only changed the face of Toronto’s media landscape but informed the world how to speak about the city.



Nathalia can shoot a million angles and they’re all gxxrl-powered. The Toronto creative director and photographer has positioned herself as one of the most renowned photographers in the city with transferable skills that she uses to cross mediums, brands and industries.



Josephine has built an entire music infrastructure with her two expert hands and Canada is indebted for it. Whether it’s the mark she’s made on Toronto nightlife or the opportunities she’s provided artists through editorial or radio platforms, the juggling DJ/writer/event producer continues to break barriers.



Erin is Toronto’s most avid write or die. Not only has the established editor documented some of Toronto’s most historic moments but she’s continued to open doors for writers, artists and future industry contributors by fighting against the systems holding the scene back.



Dre Ngozi is a glowing selecta goddess who’s as beautiful as she is talented and as magnetic as she is bold. A DJ’s job is to set the mood. Dre is the mood. And a Toronto jam isn’t the same without her.

Maggie (Self-Portrait).

Maggie is a talented photographer based in Toronto and the architect of this amazing digital exhibit for International Women’s Day for New Currency.