Words by: Eric Zaworski Photography by: Joel Din

Within five seconds of our meeting, one thing become immediately apparent — Tiffany Calver is radiating happiness. And why shouldn’t she be? After years and years of grinding, cutting her teeth as a student of music (which, by the way, she backs up in spades), U.K. media has caught on to her perspective in droves. Last year, Ms. Calver’s consistent quality appearances, spinning hip-hop on Radar Radio, NTS Live, Boiler Room, along with touring as breakout U.K. rapper Fredo’s DJ, has helped dramatically increase the young journalist, activist and low-key A&R’s stature locally and internationally.

In a wide-ranging conversation, Tiffany broke down how she used her perspective as a young, black, female music head to her advantage — winning respect far and wide within hip-hop. As the youngest on-air DJ in the United Kingdom AND the only female hip-hop DJ on air in the country, she’s quick to advocate for girls who look like her, and has been a stalwart advocate of positive mental health.


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