Words: Kazeem Kuteyi Photography: Kahlil Hernandez, Nefertiti Hernandez


To become a stylist is no easy feat just like any other creative field but Seda finding what she loves to do at such a young age means that she can go as far as she wants. She can make mistakes, she can fail, learn from failure and then win. Has Seda made it yet? No. And she knows this. However, I’ll say this, she’ll be the best at whatever she does. The simple sheer determination she possesses and her willingness to work hard for what she wants will make her great. We caught up with Seda in London last year on Oxford Street, back then she was 17 and at the time she had already interned at London fashion week and done a couple jobs here and there. But it seemed like 2015 was her year to shine and kick things into full gear. She recently launched her own website, trudon.uk which is a hub for all her work and fashion related content. Myself, Kahlil and Nef have sat back as spectators watching Seda grow through the amounts of work she has put out.  We’d occasionally mention her work in our group chat saying stuff like “you see that photographer Seda is working with?” I knew her perspective had changed so I junked our first conversation and sent her a few questions to shed light on where she’s at right now.


What’s the ultimate goal that you want to achieve as creative person?

My ultimate goal would be to be influential. I believe that many people shy away from their talent or their urge to discover something they are good at so I wish to influence people to be confident and enjoy what they wish to do regardless of the opinions that are to be faced throughout. I want to be inspiring so people can look at me and be like “She started from scratch (truly I started from nothing, this includes no support) so I could always start from nothing too”. I really just want to help people because I know how it feels like to have very little to no support or acceptance.


 How will you find your voice in such a saturated fashion industry?

This is to be well and truly yourself. I always do tell people that as nice as the quote x, y, z, is from whomever it is said by, it is no good living by someone else’s rule. You will never find your voice that way. Make your own rules, live by your own rules. This is also about discovering. By all means, experience shit internships, have worthless jobs but either way you are learning and discovering the ways in how to voice yourself and find yourself in such a controversial industry.

Have you had any pitfall when it comes to collaborations?

I haven’t had any pitfalls… so far. This is because I choose who I work with wisely. However, I had recently styled one of my biggest editorials ever and being 18 I was so proud of it… to only see that I haven’t been credited. It did piss me off but I’m keeping quiet for now. When I have more time on my hands, I will sort it out in my own accord. It’s no fun being taken advantage of because of your age… a lot of older people assume that you are vulnerable. I think my age is a minor problem I face sometimes when it comes to styling. Everyone who knows me knows I’m secretly 50 years old; my age is irrelevant.

 What is creativity to you?

Creativity is opening your third eye and creating something one hasn’t done before or developing something to the next level. Apologies for the cliché of the third eye but I think it’s very important. This industry should not be taught and perceived as an ordinary industry where anything is valued. Not everyone has what it takes and that’s the hard truth.


 Do your parents support what you do?

My parents support my health. As long as I am living that is ok to them. And that’s enough for me.

What challenges have you faced and how did you overcome them?

Majority of my challenges are situations such as cancelations. If a model can’t make it anymore or if one is unwell, I just kill them with kindness, and go to plan B. Having a plan B is important. I don’t like wasting time so I try to do as much as possible in a day.

What advice do you have for people who want to follow their creative dreams?

Firstly and most importantly to be yourself. The day you are completely free from all hideaways is the day you truly are yourself. Step out of the comfort zone and work hard. I started from nothing and kicked myself in the ass so hard and just began working, connecting, exploring and ‘creating’. Since then I haven’t stopped and I don’t plan to stop anytime soon. Connecting is very important but so is your talent. Don’t let your connections overshadow what you are capable of. You must invest in your desired future.



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