Text by Kazeem Kuteyi, Photography by Nefertiti Hernandez 

A few months ago, we had a chat with singer/songwriter, McCallaman about his journey and his music. This past week he released a new song titled, “Millennials”. We had to share the song because we felt the song and it’s subject matter was so intriguing.  Over text message, we had a little chat about the song. 

Is this song an opinion piece on the state of our generation? Is it about me, or your friends that are trapped in our digital devices?

The song is a statement on how I feel our generation is. It is about me & others. Ways we have of being in an almost unconscious, auto-pilot state at times. Unknowing of our potential & power because (i think) we are rarely fully present

Interesting. What is this ‘power’ you refer to? 

The power to affect our surroundings, our lives. The power to create change in the direction we want to see things going.. not talking from the sidelines/constantly criticizing/watching life pass us by with barely a say on how it goes.

Would you say you’re calling us to be activists in things we’re passionate about?

I’d say I’m suggesting we become awake & present. Think critically. Act, after thinking. Speak but thinking first.

Is your music heading towards commentaries on our generation or is this song as a  result of how you’re feeling at the moment?

A common theme I’ve noticed in my music is to speak on consciousness. I’ve been pulling from what currently weighs heaviest on my heart & it seems like matters concerning “consciousness” always arise. Dreams vs reality. Credit cards vs cash. Consciousness & morality.

I guess that’s the sign of the times we live in. Can we expect a full length project of some sort coming out soon?

No, there’s no full length on the horizon.