Words by: Eric Zaworski Photography by: Joel Din

New Currency set begins at 49:00. 


On Friday, January 19, the Parisian DJ duo Parysee paid host to New Currency for a one-hour mix of all-Toronto music on their show on Hotel Radio Paris. After a hectic few days running around Paris Fashion Week, we made our way to Pigalle, and, from a nondescript doorway off a side street, Hotel Radio Paris’s J.C. popped his head out and warmly greeted us. We proceeded to get an amazing introduction from Tony and Karym of Parysee.

We are thrilled to present this mix, a one-hour collection of some of our favourite artists, producers, DJ’s, rappers and voices from our home Toronto. Special thanks to Charlotte Day Wilson, Ciel, CMDWN, A l l i e, Murda Beatz, Daniel Caesar, STWO, Raahiem, Lil Berete, Savannah Ré, Sean Leon and McCallaman for the radio drops and exclusive material, it really made our hosts feel happy to have us rep Toronto.




Thank you again to Hotel Radio Paris.

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